I have only two emotions: careful fear & dead devotion
Anonymous: But the only thing I've got going for me is being mysterious.

You do you bae

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I don’t know how to really talk to girls or make friends with them I just dunno? But it’s so easy to be friends with guys and maybe that’s why I’m single cause I never give off that flirty girl vibe thing? Or maybe cause I’m just a bitch ☺️

Anonymous: Secret admirer

Cool cool, but consider this: tell me

Anonymous: I'm only coming to bring you flowers and chocolate though

Who is this lol

Anonymous: I forgot to mention I have x ray vision so I can see through all the walls of all the houses.

oh well good luck

Anonymous: I know the state at least, I will roam the streets until I find you

That’s a lot of streets… Queensland is massive… And what if I’m not on the streets? You make no sense!

Anonymous: I will get on a plane right now

do you know where you are flying to??

I need to get laid. Or sleep. Whatever.